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Our Equipment


  • Haas VF3SS (2020)

  • Haas VF3

  • Brother Speedio RX650X2 (2021)

Vertical Milling

Our production ready machines are focused exclusively on vertical milling. We have invested in new, fast machines that can run almost any material at almost any quantity. All of our machines are state of the art and as modern as they come. To keep up with high quantity production work, we use either automatic rotary pallet changing systems or manual pallet swapping to ensure maximum efficiency.



All of our mills are equipped with high speed machining and rigid tapping. Our machines allow for tapping up to 6000rpm and can tap up to hundreds of holes per minute.


Fixture Design and Machining

Many customers come with a product but no fixture. We design and build fixtures all the time. The resources required to manufacture a fixture system is well worth the cost when considering the savings it brings over hundreds or thousands of parts. Our systems can be as simple as custom soft-jaws or advanced as multistage dual hydraulically actuated fixtures for a rotary pallet changing system and anything in between.



Achieving the lowest cost and the fastest machine time is our goal as it saves time and money for the end customer and allows us to maintain our short lead times. Our optional consulting will ensure the manufacturability of your products is as efficient as possible while maintaining all necessary requirements. This can include design modification, implementing new manufacturing techniques, automation, and more.

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