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What Makes Us a Good Choice?

Why not someone else?

We've focused on advancing our technology, integrating our management, automating our runs, and much, much more. Here are the three reasons we hope we will earn your business.


Lead Times

We know the importance of good lead times. Because of this we only take on work that we know we can deliver on time. Additionally, many projects have long, drawn-out startup times. We've offered lead-times as short as just 2 weeks for high volume jobs and can sometimes offer shorter depending on the work. Additionally, we are always searching for things to optimize. If we find a way to get parts out the door faster, you can be confident we will do it! We've earned much of our business by being able to deliver product to our customers when they needed it most.


Because we are a small shop with big capacity, communication is efficient and personal. Those of us who work here see almost every job from start to finish. We know each part number, each customer, each quantity by heart. Most calls will be received by our CEO or COO directly, and their responsiveness is fast, often immediate, because we know everyone is on a deadline. We've seen firsthand the difference of a few minutes or an hour can make in the success of getting a project out on time. Update emails are sent out to keep you in the know on the progress of the parts. If we have a question, foresee an issue, or see room for optimization, we will reach out to you preemptively. We don't wait for an issue to arise.


Agility is a necessity to many companies and a vendor's ability to adapt to the growing needs of a fast paced manufacturing environment is essential. We work with you to develop the best system to manufacture the best parts. We don't like doing things one way because 'this is how we've always done it'. Entire production fixtures have been custom designed and implemented to get jobs out the door 4 days sooner. We've also designed custom robotics and PLC technology to shave off a few second here and there to get more product out sooner. A job isn't simple a "take it or leave it". It's a "take it, improve it, improve it again". Nobody wants to wonder if their time and money is being wasted on downtime or an operator having a slow day. We work to remove these issues and build the best system for your parts.

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