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We've sold out of our first batch of Bit-Kits and have 2 new batches finishing up in a few days.


Introducing, the BIT KIT


The Bit Kit is our solution for ultra-durable tool organization that looks and feels incredible. It's true, there are other ways to keep your tools tidy, but nothing looks, feels, and lasts quite like a precision machined billet aluminum organizer. Additionally, anodized options are a great way to protect and color-match existing tools and toolboxes.



  • Holds up to 60 tools
  • 40 long bit positions
  • 20 short bit positions
  • 4” x 7” x ¾”
  • 5.25” x 2.25” mounting hole pattern
  • Machined from 6061 billet aluminum


Aesthetically Pleasing

Many cheap solutions exist but for the serious professional or DIY-er looking for something that stands out, the Bit Kit has a clean, sharp appearance and is designed in multiple colors to match major toolboxes and more!


Is it Overkill? Probably

The Bit Kit is an overbuilt organizer for your bits that will last for generations! It is precision machined in the United States from domestic materials. The aircraft-grade aluminum ensures durability.


Color Matching Options

With a variety of options, the Bit Kit can be matched to almost every major toolbox color scheme.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The Bit Kit was designed and manufactured out of necessity for better organization. We love our own organizers so much we use them every day in our facility.


Optional Mounting

The Bit Kit can be mounted using the 4 countersunk holes that accommodate either a ¼-20 socket head cap screw or a variety of other fasteners (fasteners not included).



The Bit Kit is machined to a high standard of tolerance to ensure every bit fits every time.


100% Made in the USA

All our products are manufactured in Milwaukee Wisconsin using domestic materials!

The "Bit Kit" 1/4" Hex Bit Organizer - CNC Machined Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Because we make these in-house, if we don't have stock, Bit-Kits will ship in just a week or two after order.
  • We're so confident that this will last a lifetime, we'll put the money where our mouth is and completely replace or refudnd the product if it is defective, no questions asked!

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