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One of the incredible outcomes of having a production machining facility is the ability to execute rapid design, rapid prototyping, and rapid manufacturing of products. Aside from our production machining, we manufacture products for ourselves that are born from necessity. After thorough testing we bring these products to market. All of our products are made in Milwaukee Wisconsin using USA sourced materials and finishing.



Efficiency Manufacturing was literally born to manufacture. We started with lower quantity production runs and over time have invested in expanding our capacity to encompass high volume CNC vertical milling. Each project is assessed individually and the need job requirements are planned and executed according to the customers specifications. Our capabilities expand to accommodate even the highest quantity runs.

Our Capabilities

Prototype to Production CNC Machining

Our capabilities in 3-axis CNC machining include machining areas up to 35" long, 18" deep, and 18" tall. We regularly machine steel, stainless, and aluminum to tolerances from .0005 to .005. When the opportunity presents, we push our machines as fast as possible (up to 800 in/min).

In order to keep up with demand, our machining centers are optimized for high speed machining and large volume workflows. We typically work with quantities in the 1000 units to well over 100,000 EAU or more! We achieve this in our smaller shop by implementing lean practices, state of the art pallet changing machines, automation, hydraulic work holding, and more.

Our adaptive capacity can grow with the needs of any project and we want to find ways to optimize every second of the process to get the parts done as fast as possible. We almost always beat our customers in-house machining times saving them money and freeing up their machines!

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Efficiency Manufacturing is a small manufacturing facility located in Cedarburg Wisconsin with a specialization in production precision CNC machining. Quality and craftsmanship are top priorities at Efficiency and are enforced at each and every step in the manufacturing process.

We strive to earn trust and promise excellent customer support before, during, and after each project. Our communication is direct, fast, and friendly.

Efficiency Manufacturing's co-founders Brandt and Taylor are dedicated to each and every project starting with the design. With backgrounds in manufacturing and business, Brandt and Taylor joined forces to create a company that could create exemplary work specializing in high volume production machining.

(Chief Executive Officer)

Taylor is an inventor and a visionary. He sees life as an opportunity to create. Fueled by his passion and empowered by his education and experience, Taylor used his background in the entertainment industry, small business, and his masters in business administration to create Efficiency Manufacturing as a means to invent. When he's not working on projects, Taylor spends his time outdoors every moment possible.

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(Chief Operations Officer)

Brandt loves to work with his hands and has spent most of his adult life in the manufacturing industry. From technical school to a five-year apprenticeship to become a journeyman tool and die maker, Brandt has developed a passion for problem-solving and working with metals. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and working on personal projects, hiking, camping, fishing, biking, and numerous outdoor activities.

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